-Thai yoga massage advanced Level 3 - module "the side position" - 30 hours -

Traditional Thai massage is a full body holistic workout that covers the physical body, the energy body and the psychic or emotional bodies. It is based on the idea of the five bodies of  man (human), which we find in the yoga philosophy.

For Thai massage to fully show its potential of energy balancing on all levels, a complete workout of the whole physical body is imperative, as the physical body is the tool to reach the other bodies. Primarily the energy body is the target, but emotional release arising from touching the memory and subconscious bodies is also facilitated. This is normally achieved by working from the toes to the head, using different body positions, lying on the back, lying on the side, lying on the stomach and sitting.

But it is also possible to do a complete full body massage using the side position only. This is particularly helpful when you work on someone who finds it difficult to lie on the back, like people with lower back problems or pregnant women, who are advised, after the first trimester, to no longer lie on the stomach or back. The reason for this is the pressure of the baby on the organs, the arteries and lungs reducing their function, all of which could negatively affect the baby.




·         How to do a complete full body massage on the side position.

·         Techniques that will be beneficial to alleviate lower back pain and for pregnant women.

·         How to work the all energy lines in the legs with hands, elbows and feet.

·         Correct posture of the practitioner

·         How to work with flow, rhythm and the importance of the breath.

·         Transitions from one technique to the next in order to keep the treatment harmonious and continuous.



·         Feet.

·         Energy lines in the legs.

·         Exercises to release tension in the hips.

·         Abdominal work.

·         Energy lines of the back.

·         Exercises to free the shoulders.

·         Neck and face treatment.

a stretch to open the groin

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