Thai yoga massage advanced Level 3 – module “the side position”

Thai yoga massage is a holistic treatment for the whole body; that by body we mean the physical body, the energy body and the psychic and emotional bodies. It is based on the idea of ​​the five bodies of man (human), which we find in yoga philosophy.

In order for the Thai yoga massage to fully show its energy balancing potential at all levels, it is essential to do a complete treatment of the whole physical body, since the physical body is the tool to reach the other bodies. Mainly the energy body is the target, but the emotional release from contact with memory and subconscious bodies is also facilitated. This is normally accomplished by working from the toes to the head, using different body positions, lying on the back, lying on one side, lying on the stomach and sitting.

But it is also possible to carry out a complete treatment on the whole body using only the lateral position. This is particularly useful when dealing with someone who has difficulty lying on his back, such as people with back problems or pregnant women, who are advised, after the first trimester, to no longer lie on their stomach or back. The reason for this is the pressure of the child on the organs, arteries and lungs that reduce their function, which could adversely affect the health of the child.

The course will be provided with all the theoretical and practical material relating to the course.


– How to perform a complete treatment on the whole body in the lateral position.

– Techniques that will be helpful in relieving back pain and useful for pregnant women.

– How to treat the energy lines in the legs with hands, elbows and feet.

– Emphasize on the correct posture of the practitioner

– How to work with fluidity, rhythm and the importance of breathing.

– Transitions from one technique to another to keep the treatment harmonious and continuous.



– Foot treatment

– Treatment of energy lines in the legs

– Treatment to relieve tension in the hips and lower back.

– Abdominal treatment

– Treatment of the energy lines of the back

– Exercises to free your shoulders

– Neck and face treatment.