Here you will find Website addresses connecting to friends or schools where Ivan Medici studied, related to either Thai Yoga Massage, Vipassana meditation, or Hatha yoga and Ayurveda.

Thai Yoga Massage
-The beautiful Thai massage school "Sunshine Network" based at the Lahu village in Thailand founded by Asokananda.
-The School in Chiang Mai where you can find basic courses following Asokananda's tradition, as well as many Advanced trainings from Sunshine Network authorised teachers and from friends.
-The school from another great teacher in Chinag Mai, Jack Chaiya, following his mother tradition of the Nerve Touch Style, Mama Lek Chaiya.
-From the tradition of the blind massage in Thailand, another great master, Ajarn Sinchai.
-To get an amazing treatment while in Chiang Mai, can book an appointment from the brilliant Mr. Nat, therapist and teacher, at the Supattra Blind Massage centre.
-The traditional school in Chiang Mai of Shivagokomarpaj foundation and Old medicine hospital where you can also learn other traditional kind of treatments and the use of medicinal herbs.
-An amazing teacher who lives part of the year teaching in Thailand and part teaching around the world, very recommended for advanced course on the SEN lines, and for Abdominal massage known as Chi Nei Tsang, Felicity Joy.
-To be amazed about the integration of osteopathy and dynamic style in Thai massage from Ajarn Chayuth of Chiang Mai, follow the osteopath David Lutt, teaching in Thailand and Europe.
-The fusion on Thai massage and osteopathy founded by Arnoud L'Ermitte and David Lutt.
-An amazing community in Greece, the Sunshine House, founded by the Teacher Krishnatakis, where you can find a 12 day basic retreat plus many other trainings​ from yoga to nutrition.
- The school from one of my first Thai teachers in Chiang Mai, where to learn traditional Thai Yoga Massage and abdominal Chi Nei Tsang.
-A traditional Thai massage school where to learn different style and knowledges about thai healing arts, from Traditional Thai massage , to Nuad karsai, Traditional Thai oil massage and much more.
- To study with one of the most prominent and influential Thai teachers of modern Thai yoga massage, an healer, an inspiration, a unique experience of learning in a sacred temple. Ajan Pichest Boonthumme


healing stones
Vipassana Meditation
-A great Vipassana meditation reatreat centre that follows the tradition of Venerable Mahasy Sayadaw from Burma (Myanmar), based in Lumbini, Nepal, the birth place of the Lord Buddha.
-The home base meditation centre in Burma (Myanmar) founded by The Late Sayadaw U Pandita.
-A meditation centre in northern Italy that follows the tradition Of Vipassana maeditation from The Theravada Lineage, also named "Forest Monks".
Hatha Yoga / Ayurveda
A beautiful traditional Ashram in central India where they teach following the tradition of Swamy Satiananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of Yoga.
-The beautiful Ashram of the Sivananda Tradition, located in the south of India in the village of Neyyar Dham, Kerala.
-Traditional Ayurvedic medicine and massage taught from the Heart by the teacher Sibi George of Kerala, India, based in the village of Bagsu Nag, in northern India.
-The first yoga university founded in India, in the state of Bihar by Swami Satiananda Saraswati, one of the disciples of Swami Sivannada, The Bihar School of yoga.
-While in Rishikesh India, the most talented and skilled teacher, with a mix of Hatha Yoga and Yiengar tradition influences, Surinder Singh.

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