-Thai yoga massage basic level 2 – 5 days

Level 2 is an integral part of the basic training of Thai yoga massage. It is a course that complements the material covered in Level 1; the material that is added will mainly allow the student to increase the knowledge of techniques in order to treat the different types of clients depending on the anatomical flexibility, the physical height, the possible health contraindications, and the mental / emotional state.

We will see how to treat the receiver in more detail in a side position, in the prone position and in the sitting position, adding the work of more advanced stretchings, which were introduced in the traditional Thai Massage from the practice of Hatha Yoga Asana.

Also we begin to treat the “SEN” energy lines, not only with hands and thumbs, but also using elbows and knees, and we will see how this gives us both a chance to work more deeply on the lines, and not to tire the thumbs too much.

And finally, we introduce into our work, some dynamic style techniques, in addition to the more traditional static ones. We will also focus on how to become more confident with the basics that characterise Thai Yoga Massage: that the rhythm and fluidity facilitate the flow of vital energy and fluids in the body to enable healing.


·         How to work the SEN lines with advanced techniques and stretching.

·         How to work the SEN lines using not only hands but also feet, knees and elbows.

·         How to improve the fluidity, smoothness and rhythm in treatment.

·         How to further use smooth transitions to change the posture of the receiver.

·         Introduction to dynamic techniques to interlay to traditional static ones.

·         How to perform a treatment in the 4 postures: prone, lateral, supine and sitting.




- Invitation to Savasana sequence.

- Energy lines of the legs.

- Double legs exercises.

- Abdomen, chest and arms.

- Side position.

- Prone position.

- Sitting position.

- Shoulders, neck and face.

buddha statues

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