Thai yoga massage course - level 1- in Sardegna



the course is open to all those who are curious to learn this technique and have no experience, to people who have already studied Thai yoga massage but want to do a review to learn more, and for all holistic or therapeutic operators who want to include this technique in their professional training.

WHEN: 2 weekends:

18-19 APRIL 2020

25-26 APRIL 2020





9.00 - 12.30 - Thai yoga massage lesson

12.30 - 14.00 - LUNCH BREAK

14.00 18.00 - Thai yoga massage lesson


for a total of 30 hours attested as hours of participation in the basic level 1 training (the complete basic training of Thai yoga massage consists of level 1 and level 2)

During the course, a manual  will be provided with all the theoretical and practical material related to the course. We will see the basic work to perform a complete Thai body treatment, following the working principles that help us to work with listening, conscious touch and taking care of us as practitioners and at the same time as the recipient. For beginners it is an excellent opportunity to have a first approach to practice and for those who have already participated in courses it will be an excellent opportunity to do a review, to consolidate the basics and to expand the practice by learning work variants to the techniques already learned in the basic courses. Based on the level of training and practice of each student we will try to deepen the work according to the needs of each student. It is an opportunity to deepen, improve or have a first approach to the practice of Thai yoga massage, to learn how to give and receive, to listen and listen, to share, to dedicate time to ourselves. An opportunity to unplug and let yourself be lulled, relax and get carried away by this ancient bodywork practice.


Thai Yoga Massage called in Thailand "Nuat phaen boran" (treatment in the ancient way), is an ancient oriental art that derives from the Ayurvedic and Yogic tradition with influences from Chinese medicine. Originated in India, it spread to Thailand with the arrival of Buddhist monks in the third century BC, and has been practiced by the latter in temples up to the present day, as a prevention, cure and spiritual practice to practice the mental qualities of awareness, loving kindness and equanimity. The philosophy of yoga follows to balance the energies of the 5 bodies (physical, energetic, mental, conscious and cosmic), to release the energy blocks, and the corresponding physical symptoms. The treatment acts in particular on 10 energy lines called "SEN" through pressure, stretching and twisting maneuvers and the stimulation of specific points located throughout the body. it is ideal for achieving deep relaxation, eliminating stress, improving flexibility, stimulating blood circulation, loosening muscle contractures and improving posture; it is also an excellent treatment to detoxify the body and regenerate cells, stimulate lymphatic circulation and improve vitality and the general level of health and well-being. The practice is performed on the ground on a comfortable mattress. The recipient will wear comfortable, light and loose-fitting clothes to allow comfortable limb mobility and free energy flow.


- general information on Thai Yoga Massage: history and fundamentals
- notions on the energy meridians "Sen". Where to find them and how to treat them
- how to maintain a correct posture during treatment.
- how to work with your center and using proper breathing.
- indications and contraindications on the techniques learned.
- correct transitions between the various techniques to carry out a harmonious and smooth treatment.


- Feet treatment.
- Legs energy lines treatment.
- Single legs exercises.
- Back and leg lines in side position.
- Abdomen, chest arms supine position.
- Face treatment


• to achieve deep relaxation,
• eliminate stress
• improve flexibility
• stimulate blood circulation
• dissolve muscle contractures
• improve posture
• detoxify the body and regenerate the cells
• stimulate lymphatic circulation
• improve the vitality and general level of health and well-being

The practice is performed on the ground on a comfortable mattress. The recipient will wear comfortable clothes, light and wide enough to allow a comfortable mobility of the limbs and the free flow of energy.


• yoga and acro yoga teachers! To give an extra touch to your lessons and retreats
• masseurs
• holistic operators
• wellness operators
• Graduated in physical education
• beauticians
• All those interested in learning this magic
art to improve the quality of life of others and yours!


Certificate given by the Thai Yoga Massage school "Thai Massage Art" recognized by the Italian Traditional Thai Massage Federation ( in association with the international school "Sunshine Network" ( and at the end of the course it will be released the certificate of participation.


EARLY BIRD by MARCH 15th 290 Euro

LATE BIRD after March 15th 320 Euro

the course price does not include board and lodging.

- for registration, an advance payment of 200 euros is required, to be paid on behalf of Ivan Medici to the CREDEM bank account. The deposit is refundable only in case that the course is canceled, or if the student notifies that he / she is unable to participate in the course 20 DAYS before the start. If the cancellation of participation in the course occurs after the deadline, the deposit can be used for other courses with Ivan Medici within a year.

Here you will find the code to make the payment

IBAN: IT28 K030 3266 7800 1000 0000 548

reason: thai yoga massage course.

Or on the PAY PAL account at

*** N.B *** To confirm the registration, send by email a copy of the receipt of the deposit (also digital format) with name, surname, telephone number and place of provenance to the following email address:


to book or any information you wish to receive you can contact:

Laura Basile +39 389 9265496

Paola Roberto +39 333 4571871


My first experience of Thai massage was in Thailand in 2000, while I was on an adventure trip. I was inspired to receive the first treatment of my life that turned out to be a turning point and the beginning of an even bigger adventure.
At this time a seed was planted that has increasingly become a passion driven by the heart. Because I felt so many benefits - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - I decided to dedicate most of my life to learning this ancient art of healing, and finally I felt particularly motivated to share this gift of conscious touch.
During the last 15 years I have had the opportunity to travel to many places, to learn from various experienced teachers who have allowed me to see, hear and develop many different perspectives of practice.
I had the opportunity to learn both with great Thai masters like Jack Chaya, Yan, Ajarn Sinchai and Ajarn Pichet, and with Western teachers, experimenting with the different approaches of static and dynamic work and Osteothai - a combination of Osteopathy and Thai massage
One of the most profound aspects was to get in touch with the sacredness of the practice understood as two bodies that communicate from soul to soul. This, as well as the aspects of yoga and meditation as basic principles, make Thai massage such a powerful path for me. This eventually led me to start sharing this knowledge and undertake the teaching training course with the Sunshine Network school. (
Since 2013 they are teachers authorized by the "Sunshine Network" school and by the Italian Traditional Thai Massage Federation.


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