Thai yoga massage course level 2


The course is open to all those who have attended a level 1 beginner course of minimum 30 hours with Ivan Medici or other Thai massage training schools, or students who have already participated but want to do a review to learn more, or to students with experience to assist in the course.

WHEN: 2 weekends:

4 -5 APRIL 2020
9-10 MAY 2020

Palestra Capoeria Angola Palmares
Via A. Costa, 131/2b BOLOGNA

Course timetable
9.00 - 12.30 - Thai yoga massage lesson
12.30 - 14.00 - LUNCH BREAK
14.00 18.00 - Thai yoga massage lesson

for a total of 30 hours attested as hours of participation in basic level 1 training (the complete basic training of Thai yoga massage consists of level 1 and level 2)

The basic course level 2 it is the completion f the basic training necessary to have access at the advanced levels.
The course will be provided with all the theoretical and practical material related to the course.

We will see the rest of the basic work to perform a complete Thai body treatment, treating the prone and sitting position, following the principles of work that help us to work with listening, conscious touch and taking care of ourselves as practitioners and at the same time of the receiving.
It is an opportunity to deepen, improve or have a first approach to the practice of Thai yoga massage, to learn to give and receive, to listen to us and the receiver, to share, to dedicate time to ourselves. An opportunity to switch off and let yourself be lulled, relaxed and carried away by this ancient body work practice.


- During the second level we will study how to treat the recipient in a more detailed manner in prone and sitting posture.
- Stretching works will be introduced which have been introduced into the Thai Massage tradition by the practice of Hatha Yoga Asanas.
-We will also introduce some dynamic style techniques that make the treatment more fluid and dynamic so as to improve the circulation of vital energy, a fundamental element in the process of freeing the blocks (physical, energetic, emotional).


• how to work the SEN lines with advanced techniques and with stretching.
• how to improve fluidity, fluency and rhythm in a treatment.
• how to perform additional smooth transitions to change the position of the receiver.
• introduction of dynamic work techniques to be integrated with traditional static ones.
• how to perform a treatment in prone and sitting postures.


• to achieve deep relaxation,
• eliminate stress
• improve flexibility
• stimulate blood circulation
• dissolve muscle contractures
• improve posture
• detoxify the body and regenerate the cells
• stimulate lymphatic circulation
• improve the vitality and general level of health and well-being

The practice is performed on the ground on a comfortable mattress. The recipient will wear comfortable clothes, light and wide enough to allow a comfortable mobility of the limbs and the free flow of energy.


• yoga and acro yoga teachers, to give an extra touch to your lessons and retreats
• masseurs
• holistic operators
• wellness operators
• Graduated in physical education
• beauticians
• All those interested in learning this magic
art to improve the quality of life of others and yours!


The Thai Yoga Massage called in Thailand "Nuat phaen boran" (treatment in the ancient way), is an ancient oriental art that derives from the Ayurvedic and Yogic tradition with influences from Chinese medicine.

Thai Yoga Massage follows the philosophy of yoga to balance the energies of the 5 bodies (physical, energetic, mental, conscious and cosmic), to free the energy blocks, and the corresponding physical symptoms.
The treatment acts in particular on 10 energetic lines called "SEN" through pressure, stretching and torsion maneuvers and the stimulation of specific points located along the whole body.

Thai Yoga Massage is ideal for deep relaxation, eliminating stress, improving flexibility, stimulating blood circulation, loosening muscle contractions and improving posture; it is also an excellent treatment for detoxifying the body and regenerating cells, stimulating lymphatic circulation and improving vitality and the general level of health and well-being.

The practice is performed on the ground on a comfortable mattress. The receiver will wear comfortable clothes, light and wide enough to allow a comfortable movement of the limbs and the free flow of energy.


The course will be certified by the Thai Yoga Massage school "Thai Massage Art" recognized by the Italian Traditional Thai Massage Federation (, in association with the international school "Sunshine Network" (
At the end of the course the certificate of participation will be issued.


EARLY BIRD by March 10th – 290 euro (UP ASD 2019/2020 membership card NOT INCLUDED)

LATE BIRD after March 10th – 320 euro (UP ASD 2019/2020 membership card NOT INCLUDED)

The Up asd 2019/2020 membership card has a cost of € 15 and is MANDATORY.

the course price does not include food and accommodation.

INFO & RESERVATIONS: to book or any information you wish to receive you can contact:
+39 320/0868758 - Irene


My first Thai massage experience was in Thailand in 2000, while I was on an adventure trip. I was inspired to receive the first treatment of my life which turned out to be a turning point and the beginning of an even bigger adventure.
At this moment a seed was planted which became more and more a passion driven by the heart. Since I felt so many benefits - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - I decided to devote much of my life to learning this ancient art of healing, and finally I felt particularly motivated to share this gift of conscious touch.
During the last 15 years I have had the opportunity to travel to many places, to learn from various experienced teachers who have allowed me to see, hear and develop many different perspectives of the practice.
I had the opportunity to learn both with great Thai masters like Jack Chaya, Yan, Ajarn Sinchai and Ajarn Pichet, both with Western teachers, experimenting with the different approaches of static and dynamic work and Osteothai - a combination of osteopathy and Thai massage
One of the most profound aspects was that of coming into contact with the sacredness of practice understood as two bodies that communicate from soul to soul. This, as well as the aspects of yoga and meditation as basic principles, make Thai massage such a powerful path for me. This ultimately prompted me to start sharing this knowledge and embark on the path of teaching training with the Sunshine Network school. (Www.asokananda, com)
Since 2013, they have been taught by the "Sunshine Network" school and the Italian Traditional Thai Massage Federation.

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