Thai yoga massage advanced – Using elbows, kness, feet

One of the characteristics of Thai yoga massage is the possibility that it offers us to be able to use not only hands and thumbs, but also other parts of the body such as what we will see in this course, which are the elbows, knees and feet. These give us the opportunity to create an infinite number of ways of working the body and the energy lines, to be able to expand the work according to the needs of the recipient and in particular on those occasions when, for example, the recipient it is much bigger and heavier than us and / or needs deeper work. In these cases, working with the hands and thumbs may not be enough and can lead to having to use the latter excessively, creating pain or fatigue, and therefore to protect ourselves and obtain a more effective result we learn to use the other parts of the body.

The course will be provided with all the theoretical and practical material relating to the course.


– How to shift weight and perpendicularity on elbows, knees and feet.

– How to refine listening to work deeper and slower.

– How to use posture and breathing correctly.

– How to adapt the practitioner’s body to that of the recipient by creating the right work approach.

– How to use gravity and body weight to get deep work while staying comfortable without effort

– Correct transitions between the various techniques for carrying out a harmonious and smooth treatment.


– Treatment of feet and ankles

– Treatment of energy lines inside the legs

– Treatment of energy lines outside external legs

– Exercises for abdomen and shoulders

– Treatment in a lateral position

– Treatment in a prone position

– Treatment in a sitting position

– Treatment of shoulders and neck in the supine position