Thai yoga massage basic level 2

The second part of the basic training is integral and indispensable for the basic training of Thai yoga massage. It is a course that completes the material covered in the first part; the added material will mainly allow the student to increase knowledge of the techniques in order to treat the different types of recipients according to anatomical flexibility, physical height, possible health contraindications and mental / emotional state.

We will see how to treat the recipient in more detail in a lateral, prone and sitting position, adding stretching exercises, which were introduced into Thai yoga massage by the practice of asanas that were created in the discipline of Hatha Yoga Asana.

We will introduce some dynamic style techniques in addition to static ones. We will also focus on how to become more confident in putting into practice the basic principles that characterize the work of Thai yoga massage: which help us to work with a conscious touch and take care of ourselves as practitioners and at the same time as the recipient. And we will emphasize how the importance of rhythm and fluidity facilitate the flow of vital energy and fluids in the body to restore vitality and mobility where stagnation has been created in order to bring body, mind and spirit back into a healing process and possibly self-healing.

The second part of the basic course completes its training which is the prerequisite for accessing advanced levels. The course will be provided with all the theoretical and practical material relating to the course.


– How to work the SEN lines with advanced techniques and lengthening.

– How to improve fluidity and rhythm in a treatment.

– How to perform further fluid transitions to change the posture of the recipient.

– Introduction of dynamic working techniques to be integrated with static ones.

– How to perform a treatment in prone and seated posture.


– Foot and ankle treatment.

– Single leg exercises.

– Treatment in a prone position.

– Treatment in a sitting position.

– Shoulder, neck, face treatment.