Full basic Thai yoga massage retreat

It is the same training of the basic course set in part 1 and part 2, the only difference is that instead of being presented in 2 parts, everything is taught together in a necessarily residential context where the group stays together for 10 consecutive days. It takes place in structures used for residential courses

The course / retreat takes place over a period of 10 days, where we learn a sequence of exercises that will help the student to be able to provide a complete treatment for the whole body, which will be relaxing and energetically balancing for the recipient, bringing the recipient to a deep feeling of relaxation and well-being.

The retreat follows the tradition started by Asokananda, the founder of the “Sunshine Network” school which was started and founded in a tribal village of Lahu culture, on the hills north of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

(Even today the school is open and active and offers 12 days of complete training with daily meditation and / or Yoga practices, Thai chi)

It is integrated by the daily practice of the exercises of Hatha Yoga, breathing and Vipassana meditation (or free if the student already has his own method of practice) to cultivate awareness of the body, mind and breath. This helps students to cultivate the inner qualities of Awareness (Sati) and Loving (Metta), which allow to have a different quality of the result of the treatment, that is, to ensure that it is a profound healing experience for both the practitioner and the receiving.

The benefit that you have on the recipient is not so much linked to the fact of how well I perform the exercises but depends on the physical, mental and emotional state of the practitioner, and mainly if a treatment is done as an offer of love from the heart with full attitude of presence, listening and compassion

It is an opportunity to deepen knowledge, complete the material in order to cover the 4 basic postures, learn to give and receive, listen to us and the recipient, share, dedicate time to ourselves. An opportunity to go out and let yourself be lulled, relax and let yourself be carried away by this ancient bodywork practice.

The course will be provided with all the theoretical and practical material relating to the course.


– General information on Thai Yoga massage: history and foundation.

– Notions of the 10 “SEN” energy lines: to locate and treat them

– How to maintain correct posture while working.

– How to work using body gravity and breathing.

– How to work with a meditative mental state to develop the recipient’s intuition and care.

– Indications and contraindications of the different techniques learned.

– Correct transitions from the different techniques to provide a harmonious and fluid treatment.

RETREAT TIMETABLE TIME (GENERIC – the schedule of the arrival and departure days will vary according to each individual collection):

– 6.30 alarm clock

– 7.00 meditation

– 7.30-9.00 Hatha yoga practice

– 9.00-10.00 breakfast

– 10.00-13.00 Thai yoga massage lesson

– 13.00-15.00 lunch-

– 15.00-19.00 Thai yoga massage lesson

– 19.00-20.00 dinner

– 20.30-21.00 meditation, mantra chanting, free evenings


DAY 1 – Demonstration and practice of the exercises of the energetic lines of feet and legs.

DAY 2 – Demonstration and practice of exercises on single legs.

DAY 3 – Demonstration and practice of the exercises using both legs.

DAY 4 – Demonstration and practice of exercises for the abdomen, chest and arms.

DAY 5 – Demonstration and practice of lateral exercises.

DAY 6 – Half day practice of the material learned so far, half day free.

DAY 7 – Demonstration and practice of prone position exercises.

DAY 8 – Demonstration and practice of the exercises in a sitting position + shoulders, neck and face in supine position.

DAY 9 – Complete body treatment practice and final celebration.

DAY 10 – Half day theory on energy lines and simple applied therapies.