Thai Yoga Massage Basic Level 1

The first part of the basic course training is open to beginners without the need for any prerequisites, as well as professionals from other holistic personal service disciplines who come from different traditions of practice. It will give the student the security and knowledge to be able to offer a complete body treatment, from feet to head, following the principles of work, here are some of them: being fully present, developing a conscious touch, maintaining a perfect touch with the receiver body, follow the rhythm of the breath, work the energy lines in both directions, without skipping or overlapping the contact during line work, using the shift of body weight during work, without using the force or force that comes from the muscles, stay centered with respect to the part of the body that is being treated with a straight back, maintain a relaxed and comfortable posture.

The course will be provided with all the theoretical and practical material relating to the course.


– General flouring: history and principles of Thai yoga massage.

– Basic knowledge of energy lines (SEN in Thai language): where to find them and how to treat them correctly.

– Indications and contraindications of the exercises learned.

– Correct position of the practitioner.

– How to work with fluidity and rhythm and the importance of holding the breath as a guide.

– Transitions from one technique to another to keep the treatment harmonious and continuous.


– Foot treatment

– Treatment of the energy lines of the legs

– Single leg exercises

– Treatment of back and leg lines in a lateral position

– Treatment of abdomen, chest and arms in the supine position

– Facial treatment